Advice on broadband connection [Kota, Raj.]

Hello everyone and happy new year to all of you.

I dwell in Kota City Rajasthan, its also known as educational city of India. I currently have a 4 mbps upto 8 GB 512 kbps beyond broadband unlimited plan by BSNL.

The promised speeds are up to the mark, I always get atleast 80% of promised speeds. The service is pretty good aswell, most issues get resolved in a day or 2.

Problem is occasional disconnections and downtimes, and ultra poor ping.

Now I know many people will tell me that ping depends on distance and sure it does, but my ping to almost every thing out there is twice of what it normally should be.

I do three things mainly, online gaming, live streaming, uploading videos to YouTube. My experience in all three departments is very bad. Europe and US servers provide me with 300-600 ping with a lot of packet loss as well, and 1 disastrous issue is with ganeranger, in which FIFA 11 Indian players shows down ping almost 90% of the time.

I need advice on buying a different plan maybe even a different ISP, but I can't find any thing good and reasonable compared to what I have currently, as you can see my requirement is not download speed but it is upload speed and latency that I want.

I started to consider getting one of Reliance Thunder plans, but this company is very infamous, many sites like mouthshut etc. are filled with negative reviews of this company and to supply tension to me, I tried their contact feature where it said just give us your details and we will contact you, tried that 2 years ago received a call 2 years later.

I'm unsure of any local ISP in Kota, and really need advice on what can I do to improve my situation.
Should I just upgrade to BSNL FTTH for my current plan? Should I get Reliance? Something other than this? Please help Me.
Thanks, and Happy new year.
Which Part of Kota are you located in?? Also there are very few ISPs in Kota(Rajasthan).
I live close to Thermal Colony, if you know about it.

My colony is known as Ambedkar Nagar (UIT Scheme), Kunhari ilaka.

And yes a big problem is lack of good ISP. I just need a connection that can guarantee me low and stable ping with decent upload speeds and non existent downtime.
I'm currently paying INR 1000 with tax and that's the best my budget can reach (little bit more or less wouldn't hurt).

Guys, Anybody help please???

Also the annoying BSNL is now posting advertisement on my modem boot ups aswell.

Nobody has any idea about connectivity in Rajasthan???

I'm curious since one of my penfriend in Jodhpur pings the EU servers less than 200 ms and Uploads upto maximum of 2 mbps all while paying less than INR 800/-.(775+Tax to be exact).

A little advice could really help me.

UPDATE : If you guys want some numbers as a fact then here's my ping to all Twitch Servers across the globe.
View image: Untitled

If I'm not allowed to post links then sorry I will remove it let me know.
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