ADSL Link going down very frequently


I am facing this issue for last one week. This shows up only after evening 6-7 PM, not during day time. When the link is up, the SNR is as below. BSNL person says SNR is good. SNR Margin (dB): 16.9 12.0 Attenuation (dB): 13.0 4.0 Output Power (dBm): 12.5 7.8 He has tried different things so far but the problem persists: - He said he changed the "band" (not sure what this means)- Next he asked to pull the telephone cable directly from the pole to the place where the modem is kept. Done and no changes- Today replaced the UTstarcom modem with another one. No change Please help me with any useful ideas. This has become very annoying and affecting my work thanks,Mohan

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