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Return Of Animax on DTH Services - All hopes now lies in the hands of Animax Co-Ordinators

This thread was earlier tagged with the heading Return of Animax on Tata Sky. Since there's no hope of the channel to return now, the tittle's been changed.
Surprised to read the heading? Well don't be.
Yesterday, because of some matter of my DTH services, I called up TS guys. After the main topic of my call, I again queried about our beloved channel and asked if Animax is ever gonna return on our TVs since all the DTHs have removed it and it's quite hard to convince cable guys to get Animax. I got the reply that it's not in their hands to return the channel.
To be not much technical, the reason why Animax isn't coming on our DTHs are the channel guys themselves. Not babbling much here are the set of questions that I asked the TS guys over my talk regarding hope of Animax return on TS :

Q. Is Animax never gonna return on Tata Sky?
A. We're not sure. We have been probihited by the broadcasters to stop the channel from our services and so we had to drop it from the channel list.

Q. So you mean to say that you're not allowed to show the channel because of some sort of order from BCCC or things like that? (I get too much naive while talking about Animax which is reflected in my style of asking, don't complain about it)
A. You may say that. Animax has to renew it's contract with the broadcasters which it hasn't done yet. To simply put, the periodic renewal-ship contract that a channel has to fulfill has yet to be completed by the channel. It's contract period has expired so we are not not allowed to show the channel anymore.

Q. But I read myself my many users across net that Animax has been removed because of bandwidth crunch. Is this any relation with the channel drop?
A. Certainly not. The channel is quite popular and we are still getting demands for it's return. Bandwidth crunch has nothing to do with the channel drop.

Q. I see. But how are some of my friends able to watch Animax through cable services?
A. Cable services use piracy means to air the channel on their network.

So in all and all, the only thing we can do now is only hope, hope that our beloved channel's guys open their eyes and see themselves how many people they have affected because of their negligent actions.
P.S. Don't complain about my inaccuracy. I cannot remember completely since my exams are still going on. I just sneaked up some time to inform those of AIC fellows (like I was) who think that DTH and corruption among channels is the reason we have to suffer. It is the channel itself which has caused us so much suffering
Alright one important info. I don't know how many of have verified or will verify after reading this thread with your Customer Care. Basically,what's written up is the piece of talking I did with my CC rep. I don't know what your rep is gonna say.

This is the mail I received from one of my friend, okiwlekar here on AIC only, which he had to the CEO of Animax channel in Asia (or at least something like that). Here's what he wrote:
Hello sir.
i'm one of the millions of people who love animax & anime.I live in
India.but there is some kind of problem.In india only one dth is
providing animax.the number used to be 5.but due to tp crunch all dth
are removing animeax due to poor trp.please do something to increase
popularity.atleast give language options and make it in
animax commercials on your other channels like AXN,etc.this way your
trp will increase and all dth will bring back animax.

hoping to see animax back on dth

And here's what he was replied:
Dear xxxxx

Thank you for your e-mail and your support for Animax and your suggestions. We truly appreciate it.

Firstly, may I say that it was not our decision to have Animax unavailable on your service and we are definitely working on how we can make the channel available to you again. We firmly believe that Animax offers a service that is truly unique in India and is really quite different from any other channel currently available in the market place.

Please help us to share your appreciation for Animax by writing to the press and your pay-TV service operator so that we demonstrate that there are passionate and loyal Animax viewers in India like yourself who truly appreciate the channel.

Thank you for your kind support and we hope through our collective efforts we can once again be available on your TV in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Basically people on AIC are gathering more fans who had Animax as their only source of anime-experience. Their are now various threads blogs and some link to petitions for the revival of popularity of the channel in our country. It's upto those who want the channel back on their televisions.
Frankly speaking, I was one of those who tried their best by bugging their DTH CCs and all that but after four months of anime watching experience online since Animax was removed from TS, my approach towards the channel return has now turned into dust. Animax used to show some real classy shows but the last great thing it ever aired, which is still popular among anime fans around the world is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. After that other animes were basically shoujo-targeted. So expect no help from my side. I rather suggest those who can afford watching animes online should start doing so. I've not only lost my hope for the channel return, but also in the quality of animes that Animax used to show us all.

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