Actbeam customer service is very very poor.


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Cheeters Actbeam, customer service is very very poor service,
Kindly think before Payment of 6months/ 1year for Actbeam connection.
if anyone wants to act connection they will give 0.53 download and 0.93 upload speeds in place of 40mbps speed after you have paid 4800/- for 6months offer.
If you have any complaint given, they are disconnected, busy or 1day 36mbps after then ticket closed shown by message.
And Next day onwards they will gives above 0.53 & 0.91 speeds in place of 40 Mbps speed. Good News & welcome offer is so very nice.


Strange, but my experience has been totally opposite. Though down times and slow speeds have occurred, the response time has been very fast. Just 4-5 days back, there were frequent disconnections and speeds in single digits for around 4 hours. I waited for 1 hour and then lodged a ticket. Though things were restored in the next 3 hours, I got a call from nodal office if my things have been resolved as there was a problem from server end and that too around 8 pm. One thing is that they always ask me before closing the ticket and never have closed on their own.


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Dear sam27,
I have suffering too with my slow networking. Long back Actbeam is ok. But now a days they have too people's are connected & I have waited to customer care number

for minimum Half hour Somany times.
I have used Actbeam network from last 7years.
I paid 4800/- for 6months in 10th August 2019.
15th onwards networking is too slowly getting below 1mbps in place of 40mbps. I called Somany times they are disconnecting, busy & waiting min. Half hour.
But they are not solved & not giving my speed 40mbps.
And not accepted to return my amount of balance 5months there & people spend here min. 1hour for why slow.
If they given next day continue repeatedly problem.
7/9/19 contacted & told server down, 8/9 same repeatedly.
What to do further.


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