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Dear ACT Nodal officer,
This is to bring to your notice about complaint# 1991213 (no connectivity issue) which was lodged 3 days back. I have not received even a single call from you guys!
I was of the opinion that any complaint would be resolved by 24hrs. But I was wrong. As your well trained customer care guys say it is 24 'business' hours. Please let me know if I should not be expecting even a single call within this 24 "business" hours.
Now since the 24 "business" hours are over, I am reaching you to take matters into hand and follow up as to why ACT was so terrible in handling this complaint.
Whenever I call the customer care, I get these standard phrases as if this is the only thing taught to them. So if by any chance there is any kind of response from you, I would not like to see statements such as "accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused to you";"we have escalated the issue to the concern department"; "will get in touch with you very shortly"
Kindly let me know if this issue will ever be resolved and if there would be any sort of communication with me. I understand that sometimes resolving issues do take time. But the customer has to be aware of it. I will wait for another day before requesting cancellation of my subscription which your customer care dept was very eager to process.
Thank you very much.
Raghu Gowda
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FWIW, the ACT nodal officer isn't going to be monitoring these forums. You would have to mail/call him/her directly :)