Acer T232HL - Acer T272HL


Oct 29, 2004
Now this is what I am talking about. Need such displays to be available in the Indian market.

Though I am personally waiting for 17/19 inch HiDPI displays.

Though both have 1080p resolution, the 23-inch T232HL uses IPS technology to achieve wide viewing angles, while the larger T272HL has a Vertical Alignment (VA) panel. Otherwise, the specs are near-identical: a 100 million to 1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time and a trio of inputs that includes VGA, DVI and HDMI. As for design, you'll notice they have a similar industrial design as the new all-in-ones, with thin frames, edge-to-edge displays and a see-through stand.

Acer outs T232HL and T272HL touchscreen displays, coming this month for $500 and up -- Engadget
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