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Hi,Since 20th December my account is not showing up any session history, nor change in bytes used. I spoke to CC people they said its due to some technical upgradation at the servers. I am wondering now as to what is the actual data usage remaining. I hope they don't jumble up my usage by mixing night usage with day.I have even checked on my two friends usage, even they are not changing. they are having different plans than mine.How about others. ?? Is any body in delhi facing this. Now what to do. IS this the actual usage or there are any chances of the usage suddenly shooting up in case they do a batch update of sessions??? :blink: By the way do we have a carry forward system of unused data in 590NU plan. :rolleyes:


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Yeah. The sessions are not being recorded in Delhi since 23 december. Am almost certain that they're not gonna load up the sessions later from a backup or anything.....they're way too lazy to do what u are seeing now will most probably remain unchanged even when they've completed wtever it is they're doing. This has happened before. Back then i didn't take any risks but this time am well past the usage limit :p And as of now there is no carry forward facility being offered. Your usage limit will be reset come 2006....that is if they're not planning to cut tariffs or increase usage limits.