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Hello IBF
I planning to take bsnl ftth, since my bsnl adsl is getting worst and worst...I've contacted bsnl and they told that, cable operator will connect the optic cable from near underground route, which is 60 m from my home (jn).
I currently going for 575 plan..which is the lowest FTTH plan in kerala. So my question is should i need to pay any extra money for the cable or for the installation? (BSNL officer told that it is completely free but...)

Is bsnl ftth worth the money? Will get 8mb/sec upto 30GB..
Appro: 2km from my home to exchange..so speed fluctuation? Or anything??

And last, what is ONT A type and B type? Since they told me to buy an OnT from outside.
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I didn't need to pay installation charges for BSNL FTTH, but in my case I get my connection directly from them. On the 1199 plan I actually get 11+mbps download and upload consistently. But in your case it will depend on the LCO. And about the ONT, none of them have inbuilt WiFi capabilities. But as far as I know those ONTs aren't available in the market??‍♂️


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@Aswin no cabling charges for my recent connection (about same distance as yours) in Pune but cable operator charges 3k for ftth modem in my area. I would suggest you go for latest plan 777 (50 mbps) which has 500 GB monthly FUP if you can.


@vishalrao Was procuring the ONT device on your own an option? I'm sure if you said you have your own ONT device, they'd add up some other charges.

So basically its like 3k for installation, ONT and other expenses right?


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@varkey i guess i could have gotten my own ONT but i didnt want to risk any incompatibility issues. yeah they might have added some charges in that case.

i guess yes, you can consider 3k as charges for ONU, installation and other expenses.