Abnormal usage in PPPOE mode


data one
Guys, I'm currently using the Home Combo 600 plan (2.5 GB & night unlimited).For the last 2-3 months my usage has always been between 3.1-3.2 GB & that was more or less justified (considering my heavy usage). But this months usage has completely put me in a shock. According to the portal, it is ALREADY 3.2 GB (approx) , which is absolutely impossible.And there are some huge abnormalities in the usage pattern too- I saw several entries in between 8:00 AM to 9 AM, each between 30-70 MB, which absolutely cannot be since my computer is scheduled to turn off at 7:58 AM everyday after night download (I even checked system logs to confirm that); another entry showed continuous 5+ hour usage on last Saturday evening totalling at over 250 MB (again not possible) etc.***The modem is kept on for long hours though, usually even when the computer is off.Now, I'd changed the modem configuration to PPPOE mode last month. Might that be the cause ? Is it possible for the modem to keep downloading (if kept on) even if the computer is turned off in PPPOE mode ?I've already changed my password & also the modem configuration (back to bridge mode). Please help....

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Somebody might have cracked your password and using it during the described time. Using WPA2 encryption for fool proof safety.