Aadhaar Petitions in Supreme Court


So, a petition was heard today in Supreme Court regarding the Aadhaar inclusion in PMLA Act earlier this year.
Government asked the court to delay the hearings as they are still working on a data protection act that would become a crucial part of the final hearings as we now have a right to privacy.
Basically, government has the advantage as usual. They can create a document that lets them get away with Aadhaar but that’s another case.
Advocate Divan was pretty adamant that courts hear the Aadhaar petitions as soon as possible because of the massive delays. He cited how CBSE is forcing students to give their fingerprints just to get in exam centers and so on.
He also highlighted the ongoing coercion going on by banks, mobile companies and other institutions forcing citizens to connect their aadhaar card with their products and services.
The ending of the hearing was pretty much this from what I read on Twitter…

Government has extended Aadhaar linkage deadline to March 31. I am not sure if this is definite but it seems to be. Maybe it would become clearer on Monday.
This only applies to people who have not applied for Aadhaar.
People who have applied for Aadhaar would have the old deadline of December 31.
I am not sure if this is the deadline for mobile sim linkage as well. But for bank accounts this is it.
CAG would consult with government and present their position on ongoing coercion by banks etc. on Monday. So Supreme Court would sit and hear out both sides again on Monday.

From the looks of it, government wants to delay the final hearing for as long as possible as more and more people are forced to enroll into aadhaar and link it with various services. Not everyone can go to the court to challenge the suspension of bank account or mobile sim. Students and their parents are in worse shape… if they take on the schools and colleges, they risk the chance of losing a complete year and so on.




so this happened today.

cji wanted january.
agi wanted march.
petitioner sought it sooner because of the ongoing harassment.
luckily there were no fake promises of control over coercion by the agi based on what i read on twitter.
in the end... judge said that they would try to have it in the last week of november.