A good review on Airtel Broadband


Apr 10, 2007
Hey Guys,

I would like to bring this inefficient system to your notice that’s bringing down a good service provider with reliable infrastructure in hand.
I have been struggling with this technical issue for quite some time. Internet connection gets disconnected for about 30-60 seconds for every 15-20 minutes, comes back on its own sometimes and most of the time I have to restart the modem.

Just by looking at the symptoms, I would have replaced the device during the initial phase of the troubleshooting. However, we are not here to talk about my intelligence but that of the Airtel’s.
I have been going thru enormous mental stress dealing with Airtel support, Nodal Officer, Appellate Office and talking to them for hours on regular basis for more than 2.5 months now.

I will try to provide some brief details about the issue and how it was handled by Airtel so that others can benefit from this experience with their service and support.

[*]The issue has been officially reported on May 15, 2011 for which the ticket was created on May 18, 2011
[*]The issue found to be a FAULTY MODEM DEVICE, and is replaced only on July 13, 2011
[*]Airtel took exactly 60 days to fix this issue. During the process, Airtel engineers has incorrectly communicated the status of the issue to the backend teams that resulted in creating multiple tickets for this single issue/problem that persisted for 60 days after I reported it
[*]Airtel engineers working on this issue have provided incorrect information to the backend team including following
[*]Calling customer and confirming the appointment / visit for the troubleshooting (no one turned up on scheduled time/day for 90% of the time)
[*]Confirming backend team that they visited the customer site and fixed the issue (while no one has visited customer premises and the problem continue to persist) – this has happened almost for 55 days
[*]Confirming backend team to close tickets opened for technical issue stating they have confirmation from customer, while there wasn’t any confirmation from customer(my) side and at the same time, I’m struggling/fighting with the Airtel customer care for hours on the phone to know why the tickets being closed without any resolution or any confirmation from my side
[*]Multiple such incidents resulted in multiple tickets being opened for this SINGLE technical issue of Faulty Modem Device that Airtel took exactly 60 days to resolve
[*]In spite of customer asking for the full 60 days refund, Airtel has processed refund based on the duration of these tickets opened for technical issue only and not ready to accept that the problem persisted for 60 days after I reported it (and it was existed for many days before I reported)
[/list]My simple question to Airtel here::

[*]For a problem that persisted for 60 days with multiple tickets associated with the single issue due to inefficient and unethical resources utilized by Airtel, Airtel is approving the refund based on the time for which multiple different tickets were opened and not for the duration for which problem existed.
[*]Why customer should suffer and do not get the full refund for the duration of problem persistence???
[*]Why customer should get refund only for the duration of multiple technical tickets that’s nothing but the result of Airtel’s inefficient way of handling of the issue???
[/list]This is what I’m going to ask moving further so I have enough information to go to consumer court and report this issue with their system and people. I’m sure they wont be interested in answering those questions. However, I’ve decided to gather all the information I have for past 2.5 months and ensure I register a complaint. I’m planning to register the complaint thru www.icrpc.org please let me know if someone knows a better option than this.

[*]All the technical and billing tickets opened for this account since May 15, 2011
[*]Details on every single refund requests processed since May 15 along with the refund ticket number and the technical ticket numbers associated with it; also mention how the refund amount was calculated for each of these tickets/requests
[/list]Thank you for your time.



Nov 28, 2005
Pune, India
I’m planning to register the complaint thru www.icrpc.org please let me know if someone knows a better option than this.
Have you tried :: Grievance Redress Mechanism in Government :: ?
Some of my friends and many people on forums have confirmed that it works.

Also, don't believe a word their retention dept. says.

- ex-airtel mobile, fixed-line & broadband subscriber (disconnected all 3).


Jan 2, 2010
i am getting so much spam on fuktel on my cell no. it suxs....with Vodafone no spam problem only network was crap in delhi...


Oct 29, 2004
man i am so relieved ever since that sms blocking app started working on my phone!


Internet addict!
May 5, 2009
Used FnP once to send flowers, its torturing me ever since. Even though am in DND, I still get 3 messages per day before every occasion (Raksha Bandhan now). Service provider is sorta helpless. Thats a basic fone, hence no blockers :(


Apr 10, 2007
Thank you Rajiv and Chaitanya,I'm going to find out more on that grevience redress you recommeded Chaitanya.I have confirmed that I'm not paying any outstanding until they resolve the issues / conflicts - on other side, their billing department keeps generating bills and calling me for recovery on regular basis (I have the services barred since August 3, 2011). I got a call from a recovery agent today (sounded like a goon to me for sure) and asking me why I'm not paying, I told him to get the issues fixed first and then I will pay, also told him to learn how to talk to customers.. reported this to Nodal and Appellate office over email, I will be reporting to nearest police station if these guys are trying to threatten me without resolving the issues. I have already paid to ICRPC for the membership and preparing for the case which I will be sending them soon.