A Game of Guess on Reliance GigaFiber Tariff packages

MSR Murthy

Dec 31, 2016
As is being said in the media, in the AGM of Reliance Industries on 12th August, the tariff for the various services under GigaFiber will be announced. Everybody, including the competitors, is very curious about the same.

In the meantime, let us play a game. The game of guessing the various packages which Reliance is most likely to announce on 12th August.

Please do not post your wish of packages. My wish, of course, is that the test phase with zero charges should continue forever. But I am also aware that if the company grants my wish, it will not last long enough to meet my wish of forever free services.

Jio's tariff package(s) will most likely be very aggressive like in the case of mobile data, with objectives to be met something like:
1) To become a significant entity in the highly competitive market in 3 years with some profits and market leadership in some segments of services and
2) To become the market leader in all segments with huge profits in 5 years.

Bearing the above or such other assumed objective in mind, you may place yourself in the seat of CEO of GigaFiber and make the announcement on the tariff of Jio Gigafiber.

All your guesses may be in a single post, but you may edit it any number of times till the announcement.

So, let us go ahead and have some fun and also some insight into the area in which all of us will be interested.

PS: I hope this game of guessing is not against the rules of the forum. If so, apologies and the Admins may kindly delete this thread altogether.
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Aug 5, 2008
Srivilliputhur / Madurai (TN)
During the first 3 years, the aim is likely ...

  1. to convert all existing wired consumers (including enterprise customers) from every other wired broadband operator into JioFiber in every city they'd provide service, including some tier 3 / 4 cities.
  2. to disturb DTH market, thus converting some existing consumers (in metros and tier-1 cities) into JioFiber. This is likely to take more time than #1, and this is not even practical everywhere as it requires a smart TV (or an alternative such as a set-top-box; this can increase the initial cost that may not be affordable by consumers in tier 3/4 cities).
  3. to bring value added services or premium services for consumers who can afford it.
Considering the above, JioFiber is likely to come with at least 25 plans that can cover entire range of consumers from #1 mentioned above.

Basically, the plans are going to be categorized broadly into three categories...
  1. Truly unlimited plans (starting with 2mbps unlimited)
  2. FUP based plans (starting with 100gb limit)
  3. Plans with daily FUP limit (starting from 10gb per day)
Truly unlimited plans:

For example, BSNL ADSL users are likely to be happy with 2mbps, 4mbps, 8mbps, 25mbps unlimited plans. These plans are likely to come with the price range of INR500 per month (for 2mbps unlimited), 750 (4mbps unlimited), 1000 (8mbps unlimited), 2000 (25mbps unlimited) respectively. There would be zero free add-on services (such as IPTV) with these plans. All add-ons are likely to be paid add-ons.

FUP based plans:

Airtel fiber users are hard to convert. VDSL users would switch in no time from what I guess. In either case, providing two times data for the same amount can attract Airtel customers (and other fiber customers like ACT). Or JIO would provide the same amount of data for the same price with free add-ons such as IPTV. Considering this, the FUP based plans are likely to be in large number with differential speeds and differential data limits.

Some of the plans with FUP are...

100gb at 100mbps with IPTV at INR 500 per month
1tb at 100mbps at 1000 per month
1tb at 500 mbps at 2000 per month

They are likely to price the plans like how Apple does. They make one or two attractive plans such as 100gb at 100mbps at INR 500 per month. Then, there would be super-stupid plans like 50gb at 50mbps at 400 per month and 25gb at 25mbps at 300 per month.

Most FUP based plans (except one or two attractive plans) are likely to come with zero add-ons. Most add-ons are likely to be paid.

Daily FUP plans:

This is again to target BSNL broadband consumers. All BSNL consumers (ADSL / fiber) would convert to JioFiber with zero hesitation, if daily FUP plans start from 10gb per day at 100mbps.


It is going to be interesting times (for the next 3 to 5 years) for wired internet in India. In 5 years from now, there would be zero local ISPs. Jio would buy them or would do anything to get them out of the market. So, there would be only a handful of wired broadband providers (such as Airtel, BSNL, ACT) at the national level. Jio would do anything to kick out the competition in the next 3 to 5 years and only then they'd start to make money and profit. They have plenty of money in hand and can borrow tons of money from tax-payers through banks or directly from the market. When they start making money, they wouldn't make money directly by increasing the prices. Instead, they'd make money from add-on services or top-ups. For example, consider 10gb per day at 100mbps. 10gb would be consumed in no time at 100mbps. So, the consumers are likely to be forced to upgrade the plan or go for top-up. What's consider attractive (plan) now, would not be attractive 5 years from now. So, Jio is going to benefit a lot when there is an increase in internet penetration. Do you think DigitalIndia initiative is only for the benefit of the common man?!


Nov 7, 2016
@pothi lol if they offer plans below 10 Mbps and 1 TB fup then only people who have no other option will opt for jio. Most LCO including Hathway offers much better plans in Rs 500 range now. I may not need more than 500 gb fup but I like unlimited plans so I don't have to think about watching 4k videos on a monitor that doesn't support 4k or download multiple torrents of old stuff to check which has best quality.

Most customer want to use internet for streaming (both legal and torrent), social media. 2 gb data daily would be enough for streaming on single mobile device but if you just stream youtube on TV and multiple devices you would consume 10 gb within hours.


Jan 22, 2008
Jio is known to surprise everyone. This is what i read somewhere and expect on similar lines or at least close :

Jio GigaFiber will follow this strategy.
Rs499 FUP 100GB @1Gbps + Unlimited 100Mbps + Free TV
Rs999 FUP 1TB @1Gbps + Unlimited 100Mbps + Free TV
Rs1449 FUP 3TB @1Gbps + Unlimited 100Mbps + Free TV

Nikhil Sharma

Oct 23, 2015
I’m not sure if Jio is gonna launch. I still feel that the launch is atleast a year away.

But also; they don’t have anything else to offer.

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