DTH: Subscribers demand right to choose pay channels


May 3, 2007
See this article a ray of hope atlast for a DTH Cosumers

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Apr 23, 2006
Yeah, if they have a problem implementing it throughout India, they should atleast consider it in the CAS notified areas


Apr 24, 2007
Hi guys just read this interesting article that came on hindu today

DTH-broadcaster deals: players favour regulation Source: The Hindu

But SET Discovery seeks free regime and negotiation

Tata Sky for interim formula on CAS model
Cable operators too are keen on TRAI role
NEW DELHI: Even as the tussle between the Sun group and direct-to-home (DTH) service provider Tata Sky regarding the sharing of signals is far from over, a majority of DTH firms, television and broadcasting companies and other stakeholders have favoured strict regulation of interconnection agreements between broadcasters and DTH service providers.
It is only SET Discovery Private Limited among major players that is against the regulation of interconnection agreements and has advocated "free flow of negotiations" between broadcasters and DTH service providers.
In its views submitted to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on "Consultation on issues relating to DTH", Sun Direct, the DTH arm of the Sun group, has asked the telecom regulator to initiate the process for formulation and finalisation of "Standard Interconnect Agreement".
According to Sun Direct, the interconnection agreement should be regulated because certain broadcasters' subscription agreements contain some clauses and terms and conditions which are not in conformity with various regulations issued by TRAI and are anti-consumer as well. The "Standard Subscription Agreement" should cover various terms and conditions except `revenue share' stipulations, it said.
However, Tata Sky has said that in case broadcasters and DTH operators fail to reach an agreement on issues relating to interconnection, they could adopt the "Reference Interconnect Offer" on an interim basis to avoid litigation. Tata Sky has suggested that till all such issues are finalised, the commercial framework adopted under the conditional access system (CAS) notification, which allows pricing of channels on a-la-carte basis and flexibility of packaging of channels, be extended to the DTH operators.:yahoo:
In any other commercial framework where the arrangement is between parties placed in an unequal situation, it is desirable that the interconnection agreement between the broadcasters and DTH services be regulated, in order to create a level playing field amongst all addressable platforms, Tata Sky said, observing that the current regulatory framework is not adequate to address interconnection issues between the DTH operators and the broadcasters.
Similarly, Bharti group, Reliance Bluemagic and Zee Telefilms feel that regulations are necessary to ensure that connectivity is implemented in a time bound and efficient manner. Dish TV also is in favour of interconnection agreements but only till the time market attains maturity and content availability is ensured on equitable and non-discriminatory terms to all service providers.
Similarly, the Cable Operators Federation of India and the Association of Cable TV Network Operators have favoured interconnection regulations, while the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia feels there is already sufficient regulation in place and wants TRAI to reconsider the merit of prescribing regulation for renewal of interconnection agreements. The consumer organisation Voice Society has stated that interconnection agreements are necessary to safeguard the interests of DTH customers.
SET Discovery Private Limited is not in favour of any interconnection regulations and feels that mutual negotiations between the parties before entering into contracts form an essential part of the contracting procedure. The company feels that TRAI should not formulate and mandate "Standard Interconnect Agreement" nor should the "Reference Interconnect Offer" methodology be adopted for the purpose.


Star gazer
Jul 3, 2006
this will still take time i think. trai wants to settle CAS issue first then it wud take up DTH issues.one more thing. if tatasky really wants to do something similar what are they waiting for?? they are not being stopped to do so right now.now that 'mustcarry' clause is also clarified. i.e. they dont need to purchase and show all channels and they can get channels they want.it just seems like playing games with customer as if saying look we are doing something for u and trying to get regulations.