Folder Sharing in Windows XP - Frustrating problem!!


Mr. Advocate
Jan 8, 2005
New Delhi
My setup: 1 Beetel 220bx modem which goes to a wireless router (Buffalo WRT54G). Desktop connected to the wireless router (wired connection) and Laptop connected to it wirelessly. Both run Windows XP Pro (SP2).

What I want to do: Have the 'My Documents' (MD) folder on each computer to be shared, and this accessible by the other. But I want the access to be password restricted (i.e. with the administrator accounts of the computers).

My Problem: Although I can access the Md folder on my Desktop from my laptop, I can't access the MD folder on the laptop from the Desktop!!!! It gives an error that the network place was not found.

[*]I have configured the sharing of both folders exactly the same.
[*]File and Printer Sharing is on (both computers).
[*]They belong to the same workgroup.
[*]One factor could be that my default administrator account is 'Administrator' on the desktop, but 'Vaibhav' on the laptop. I made sure I noted this in 'Map Network Drive.'
[*]I have tried enabling 'NETBIOS over TCP/IP.'
[*]I have allowed all TCP/IP activity in my firewall (Comodo) for the range of IP addresses issued by the wireless router.
[/list]Please Help!!


Jan 14, 2007
Try create a new login on the laptop for 'Administrator' - use the same password you've used on the desktop PC for this login.


Aug 26, 2005
New Delhi
Am assuming you've tried disabling the firewall temporarily.Not sure but it might be a windows glitch.Start>Search>Computers or people>A computer on the network>type the name of the computer. Once it is found you'll it on the network. (this might work if the laptop is not visible in Network Places)Also (on the desktop) Start>Run>services.msc a screenshot.