Gaming Help for tata vsnl Net


Apr 20, 2007
Hello my fellow friends.. I am going to take TaTa indicom vsnl internet for gaming use .. i am going to apply for it tommorow .. I play a game called warcraft for which i have represeted india in paris and italy and lately due to my old internet problems ie mtnl i am switching to tata indicom hoping that it will give me good performance ... Like 2 days back at night 2 clock i told my friend to check ping to Warcraft server ie (ip) and he got an awesome ping to 50ms to it .. i was thrilled that a net in India can give such awesome pings.. next day after that i told him to check again he was getting 450 ms and that was really weird .. then again he got 98 ms the other day and now he is getting 450 ms .. I am planning to take tata indicom vsnl net looking at that 50ms ping hoping that i can talk to tata indicom engineers and get my routing in a way that can give me low ping to ... So my fellow friends PLZ can u trace the route to and tell me the ping which u get plz .. I am gonna apply for the internet tomm and i wanna know if its good or not .. Plz help me by taracing the route with tata incidom net and showing it over here .. u cant ping u can only trace .. u can trace by typing tracert in the command prompt and when u trace the ping on the 15 - 16 hop will be the ping u get to ... Please show the image of the trace route here ..Please do reply to this threat as soon as possible .. I appreciate ur time and help .. thanks


Oct 26, 2005
Well,in my case it takes a trip around the world :whistle: ,if u r from mumbai u have a better chance,they dont like my packets it seems :confused: Tracing route to []over a maximum of 30 hops: 1


Sep 8, 2005
I TATA is giving you ADSL based connection, go for it, but not if it is thru some cable operator.


Oct 21, 2006
ADD is best for online games , if u r playing on indian servers pings would be less.Tata mumbai users get ping below 10 on indian server


Dec 19, 2004
Tata has very good routes to most places ( atleast better than airtel/mtnl in terms of latency , i have checked with all 3 in past ) . downtime could be a problem so if possible consult to people who stay nearby you and use Tata broadband . I have a excellent lan based connection and if i get downtime i contact local cable guy who fixes it much quickly compared to contacting monkeys at 60607070 .