Configure a Linksys AG241 router on MTNL Network?


Apr 19, 2007
Hi All, Just wanted to help people who want to configure Linksys ADSL AG241 Router on MTNL (New Delhi) Network. This ADSL Modem Supports ADSL2+ Network also and it is working fine at my home. I get a speed of 2044Kbps (downstream) and 511Kbps (upstream) on a ADSL2+ Network. Here how the router is configured -**** I assume that people know basic of Networking******Under Setup -> Basic Setup 1. Encapsulation is RFC2516 PPPoE2. Multiplexing is LCC and not VC3. QoS type is UBR4. PCR / SCR Rate should be left blank5. Autodetect is disable6. Virtual Circuit - type zero in VPI and 32 in VCI7. DSL Modulation is Multimode 8. Service Name can be anything you can think, I have given ADSL9. Username will be your telephone number10. Password is your telephone CA number11. Keep Alive: Redial Period is 20 sec Don't type anything in Optional settings. Local IP Address : mask : Local DHCP Server I have enabled;Starting address: Is your choice?? What every you want! Maximum Number of DHCP Users: I have type 3. You can type depending on people connecting to this router. Client lease time is 'Zero' Static DNS 1: DNS 2: Time Zone: Is wherever you are living. Now Save settings and go to Status Tab. Select Gateway Tab and press the connet tab. If all OK you will get DSL and Internet green LED on and also you get IP address. All other configuration is optional and I leave upto you. Happy Surfing. Regards Sumit


Aug 10, 2006
Very helpfull ..... Works great with a linksys WAG200 perfectly ... Thanks vu3scd.