Disc Repairs Shops


Mr. Advocate
Jan 8, 2005
New Delhi
My ps2 has unfortunately badly scratched my friend's (original) ps2 disc. I think something in the laser mechanism was bumping against the disc, and the scratches are in the form of circular grooves... the games starts up alright and everything, but the problem is that it sort of hangs at a particular point in the story where it is supposed to show me getting some kind of power up.. instead nothing happens.. but it doesn't freeze... I can still access the pause menu and all... it just doesn't go any further, and my character can't move. The sucky thing is that it is a dual layer DVD, so burning it AFAIK is a b*tch.

I found a few DVD repair services online like rubberdisc.com, but they are located in the States. Is there any such similar service available in Nehru Place, or anywhere else in Delhi for that matter?


May 26, 2005
My suggestion would be to try and rip the game on a PC first, use Isobuster to copy the file. Unlike win explorer and others Isobuster wil try several times to re-read the disc. To increase your chances, also try on any Liteon DVD drive, they are usually better than others at reading anything.This assumes there is no copy protections interfering with Isobuster, if there is, you will have to search more. Otherwise you now have a backup of the game and can write a new DVD, (DVD9 is bit pricey), alternatively you can try on the usual DVD5, u have to pop the DVD out to read the other side anyway, so what diff will it make if its *another* DVD5 instead.If you are unsuccessful so far, and this one is more risky, is to search around your local video library (are they any in biz :) nowadays), they might have a machine that can repolish the DVD. They must get tons of scratched DVDs back from the renters so just maybe.Ask them to do it for your disc, its risky, since if they mess it up ur original DVD is as good as gone at this point.