$10 Laptop For Children

colour screen

Mar 21, 2007
India is going to create a $10 laptop in three years.

There was a meeting few days ago-
One official who attended the meeting said: " No one had any doubt about the feasibility of the project. Everyone is enthusiastic and wants a quick rollout. But we have given ourselves three years before the first $10 laptop comes out."

Please give your comments on the project.

Meanwhile, if you cant wait for three years but at the same time want a laptop for $6, please visit the following link.



Sep 8, 2005
Govt and its promisses...BTW, I bought this lpatop for my kid. But could not keep myself from opening it up to see components that are used.This one has more memory and processing power then BBC Micro that I used to learn BASICA in 86. It was advanced version and had 16 KB memory and 1 MHz 8 bit processor. And you could actually see it draw circles in screen. Adding Floppy drive was costly and PC used to have OS + BASICA + GAMES in ROM itself.I still have bin images of some BBC Programs lying somewhere is some HDD.Overall, this 6$ laptop can really be useful to teach basic coding if it has a decent screen, it has only 2 or 3 inch screen.