ACT Fibernet - Please read this FAQ before asking questions


Jul 31, 2010
ACT Frequently Asked Questions - Based on user experiences/comments, I can update this post.
I've noticed people opening new threads & asking very similar questions. I hope this thread helps them.

1. When will ACT come to my area? (The most asked question so far)
Please call /email ACT directly. No point in asking this question on the forum.
Check Fibernet Availability | ACT Broadband | ACTCORP

2. Will xxxxxx router work with ACT?
You MUST have a router to use ACT. A modem won't work.
Look up the model number's specification online or on the box. If it has a 'WAN port' or an 'e-WAN port', it will support ACT. Remember, LAN and WAN are different. You need a router to login automatically. Otherwise, you will have to enter a username/password in a browser for every browsing session.
If your internet speed is more than 100 Mbps, get a router with gigabit (1000 Mbps) ethernet ports. That way, you'll get your full speed via the ethernet cable.

3a. Will it work with Modem + Router (also known as DSL Router)?
In most cases, Modem + Router won't work.
Very few modem + routers can turn a LAN port into a WAN port. The LAN port will be labelled 'WAN/LAN'. It will be in the specifications on the box or online. You can't buy any modem+router and expect it to work with ACT. The hardware MUST support it.
In case you want such a device,
please look around on the forum for model numbers (eg. ASUS DSL-AC68U, TP-LINK TD-W8968).

3b. I see terms like 'DSL modem', 'ADSL modem', 'ADSL2+ modem' used. Will they work?

4. Will it work with a Modem that is given by BSNL/Airtel or a modem that I bought by myself?

5. Will it work with a Modem + Router combo that given by BSNL/Airtel or a modem+router that I bought by myself?
No. Also, see 3a.

6. Is it easy to setup a connection (on a router)?
Yes, very easy. You just need a username & password. This is given to you by ACT.
Note: Router username & password allows you to login to the router. The ACT username & password allows you to browse.

7. Best router for ACT?
Routers come in all budgets. It depends on what the user wants. Remember, every person's residence & requirement is different/unique. It is my personal opinion that it be at least 300Mbps.

8. How is ACT's customer care?
Very bad. The only negative is their very slow customer care.

9. Does ACT give out internal IP addresses (10.x.x.x)?
So far, only Bangalore users have received internal addresses. However, they may start introducing this in other locations too.
Increasingly so. If you need a public IP address, you need to specifically ask them for it.

10. Why am I not receiving my plan speed on Wi-Fi? (See 15 for wired speed)
10a. Make sure that the router, phone, laptop, tablet etc support wireless N at the very minimum.
Wireless N has 2 frequencies - 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz.
Wireless AC - 5 GHz

2.4 GHz - Part of all N routers, slower but better range.
5 Ghz - Less common, faster but lower range.

Many wireless N devices only support 1x1 streaming, which means you will get a max of 30-40 Mbps. You need the 5 GHz band for faster speeds using these devices on Wi-Fi .
FYI - Most Laptops have 2x2 or 3x3 antennas. Hence, Laptops can usually get faster speeds over Wi-Fi.

10b. Even if your router says 300 Mbps, do not be upset that you are still getting 30-40 Mbps on your phone/tablet. That's a different story. That's just the way it is.

10c. Make sure that your router is broadcasting on Channels 1 or 6 or 11 (if on 2.4 GHz).

11.How does one get 150 Mbps or faster speeds on Wi-Fi?
Get a Dual band N or wireless AC router. Make sure it has gigabit ports.

12. Why does ACT not respond to queries on this forum?
They have been blocked.

I do not allow ACT representatives on this forum anymore because of poor behavior of their previous accounts. If you want to deal with ACT representatives, contact them directly.
Added 23-03-15

13. How reliable is it?
It varies from area to area. I've had ~90% uptime. Others have seen much worse.

14. Can I pay 3/6/12 months in advance to get a better price?
If it's a new connection - I would say 'NO'. Month to month is safer.
After you've used it for a few months, then you can decide.

Added 30-10-2015

15. Why am I not getting 100 Mbps (or faster) speeds over my wired connection?
a. If you use a router/switch, your router/switch MUST have gigabit (1000 Mbit/1 gbit) ethernet ports.
b. Your computer/laptop must have a gigabit ethernet port. Every computer/laptop over the past couple of years comes with a gigabit ethernet port as standard, so you will most likely will have it. But there is no harm in checking.
c. Use a cat 5e or a higher spec cable between your router and your computer (cat 5e, cat 6 etc).
d. ACT may have laid cat 5 cables to your residence. They will need to be replaced with cat 5e at the minimum. The type of (cat 5 or cat 5e) cable will be written on the cable itself.

(Updated Apr 2017)
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Mithilesh Kumar

New Member
Sep 15, 2015
ACT broadband in JP Nagar 5th phase, Bangalore.

Hello all,

I want information about ACT broadband in J P Nagar 5th phase.
PIN: 560078
Who is the agent, whom to contact?


Mithilesh Kumar

New Member
Sep 15, 2015
Thanks Actnet for getting back to me!

I talked to the one of the customer care executive, they registered my request and promised a call back from sales team within 24 hours.


vamsi kayan

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Apr 1, 2015
ACT fibernet Hyderabad sucks no proper speed as they advertise, they give 3mbps in actually to 20mbps they advertise, This ISP that cheats its customers with all false, customer care is worst than any government office they have all dum and brainless people sit there you tell them a specific problem they write it as some thing else


Jul 14, 2005
As of now, ACT covers only some parts of these areas in Chennai. Even in these areas, they aren't available every where.
  • Abhiramapuram
  • Adambakkam
  • Adyar
  • Anna Nagar
  • Ashok Nagar
  • Besant Nagar
  • Gopalapuram
  • Jaferkhanpet
  • K. K. Nagar
  • Kasthuribai Nagar
  • Kilkattalai
  • Kodambakkam
  • Kotturpuram
  • Madipakkam
  • Mandaveli
  • Medavakkam
  • Mylapore (LUZ corner)
  • Nanganallur
  • Pallikaranai
  • RA Puram
  • Royapettah
  • Santhome
  • Saligramam
  • Shenoy Nagar
  • T Nagar
  • Teynampet
  • Thiruvanmiur
  • Triplicane
  • Vadapalani
  • Virugambakkam
  • Velachery
  • West Mambalam


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Dec 11, 2015
fully fraud i will not suggest the ACT connection in chennai.....they will not give response to the customers they think like they spent money from his pockets... we are paying money but they not even listen the issues most of the time i got the connectivity issue. even am new customer to ACT they will not provide the services properly .but they stick with the money.... always connectivity issue not only with me also for my friends.... totally waste of getting this connection.....