Landline Dead But Still I Am Able To Surf !


Mar 17, 2007
How is it possible when my landline is dead i am still able to connect to internet thru the same landline under BSNL Home 900UL plan (256kbps unlimited).Is this becoz of ADSL (coz u get different frequencies for telephone line, downstream and upstream) ?General downloading speed (using download accelerator has increased by 20%).But now i am unable to get speed in P2P softwares (utorrent used to get 20kBps previously but now it is getting only 5kBps) :(I have tried all other torrent clients but still with same result.Even though I hav done port forwarding and also tried DMZ. Is this due to dead phone line or BSNL is intentionally reducing traffic of P2P softwares (I am not even able to download thru eMule) ?NOTE: -- link removed -- download are 30kBps on an average so the problem is not of slow connection but something else.


Aug 28, 2006
Same problem occured to me some time back. I figured out that one wire (out of two wires in cable) was broken, but broadband kept on working as it can on hot wire (+). So check your cable.