Bandwidth Integration

sanjay chatterjee

Mar 17, 2007
Hellow everybody,

A client of mine has a major confusion and i hope someone could just suggest me a solution . They are an Educational Institute of repute and have a BSLN lease line 2mbps currently and getting a reliance 3mbps next week. the problem is integrating both ISP's.

Now my competetor has suggested Cyber roam as a solution , which is actually more of bandwidth manager i guess, i had suggested for Fatpipe WARP solution. not to forget they have two unused routers CISCO 2651 with 2 MINI SERIAL Ports and Cisco 3621 routers without any serial ports .

Could someone please suggest a fast and best solution so that the set up can be open to 30 mbps upgradation in the near future. they already have a juniper IDP , CISCo - PIX Firewall, Content / Cache Engine . I need to bag the order- hope u guysunderstand my trouble..i'd be gratefull if someone could help me out plz....Bandwidth Integrator