Problem With Tata Indicom Dsl Broadband.


Mar 14, 2007
Hello to all Forum Members;I'm a frustrated new user of Tata Indicom DSL Broad Band from Pune, Maharashtra. I have newly purchased a Tata Indicom DSL Broad Band connection. The problem that I'm facing with this new connection is ... I'm not able to open any Website in my Internet Browser. In Internet Explorer, it says "Page can not be displayed" where as in FireFox, it says "Connection refused while connection ". The interesting part of it is, I'm still able to PING Yahoo or Google Website from my Command Prompt; but just not able to open any website in my Internet Browser. However, when I boot my PC in XP's "Safe Mode with Networking", I'm able to open all sites in both Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers. I talked to Indicom people on 020-64001515, but just like any other Service Providers in this field (or any field perhaps!), the Call Center people know almost nothing; plus I'm able to PING the IPs and Web URLs, so for them it's enough to say that "there is no problem". (One customer care fellow girl suggested me to Format my HDD, too.) All in all, like most of the customers in India, I'm Helpless! I have checked and reconfigured the DNS, Gateway and IP addresses again and again; and those are just the same I have Uninstalled ZoneAlarm and also disabled Windows Firewall from Network settings, just to see if that's the reason why I'm not able to browse in XP's normal boot mode; but no Luck! Can anybody please suggest me what can be the issue? You people are the only source of information/help for me now as Indicom people are not interested in this issue anymore! Eagerly waiting for your reply ...Thanks & Best Regards,Ruturaaj.

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