Spectranet Electricity theft issue in Pimple Saudagar, Pune


Sep 21, 2010
I am resident of Divya Heights Society in Pimple Saudagar location of Pune city. I came to know though our society office that Spectranet was using electricity from MSEB in our society since last two years to operate their routers. However they never paid any money for that to MSEB. I came to know that our society is heavily fined by MSEB because of this and society has removed all connections of Spectranet.

Now my problem is, I have been using Spectranet since last 3 months. I have paid 6 months advance money. Almost a month has gone now without any services in society. So how do I recover my money from Spectranet.

Plus there is absolutely no assistance provided by Customer Care people regarding this issue. Only information they give is it will take 15 days to resolve the issue.

Can spectranet advise what is status of issue? Are you planning to make payment for penalty charged to our society? Are we going to have connection re-established? If not I need to switch over to other service providers and claim my money back from Spectranet.

An urgent response from somebody responsible is desired.


Jan 19, 2011
“Dear Mr.Vayas , we are operating in Divya Height society through Sterlite , as per Sterlite team they are having continuous discussions with RWA authorities, but are yet to get the permission.

Regarding your refund concern, please be assure that your money is safe and you can get the refund by logging a complaint on our contact center at 1800 121 5678

Thanks for your patience and cooperation “

Team Spectranet
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