Hathway And Apple Mac


Jun 23, 2006
hello,I'm looking at getting hathway at home, i live in bombay. My only concern is if they use a dialer program to access the internet, life Sify does. I have a Apple Mac and planning to just use a wireless router to the device that Hathway gives. Any ideas on what type of equipment they provide at Hathway. My only other option is MTNL, and i'm just getting pissed they have yet to offer any sort of night unlimited or full unlimited plan at 512 speeds. Their 256k night unlimited plan is okay but when compared to Hathway it sucks.thanks,


Apr 22, 2007
well they dont use any dailer program to access the internet, it connects directly as soon as ur computer is on, so it wont be a problem at all if u use the router and have a wireless connection cause all you will have to do is connect the jack in the router and ull have wireless freedom. They provided me with a webstar DPC2100R2 modem.........i guess thats the sameone even you will get..yes i do agree with u about mtnl.......cause their night plan starts from 00.00am to 08.00 am on a 256kbps line and hathway has it from 11.00pm to 9.00 pm.........which is 2 hrs extra and double the speed of mtnl, no doubt the mtnl service is really good.......but even hathway is value for money.......its 1500 bux for 3 months 512kbps night unlimited and mtnl is 580 bux i guess for a month with 256kbps and night unlimited......so u gotta decide which one to opt for :)...