Normal speed through LAN cable but slow through wifi


Oct 29, 2004
Invest in a good quality AC Router guys :D
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Aug 16, 2016
Hey All, I guess I have found the solution. I too had similar issue. In Lan i had full download speed (around 49 mbps) but on wifi it used to throw 70 -80 % less. My Plan is a 50mbps plan ..I normally connect to my extended router in 1st floor and the actual Master router in in ground floor which is basically connected to ACT line .

So,, what I did is I logged in to my Master router(Dlink) and enabled the Traffic Control in Advance section (in some routers it will be QOS option). Then I allocated 45 mbps as download speed and 5mbps as upload. This much should actually solve your problem. Somewhere i read that sometimes the wifi routers doesnt emit the actual speed and we are supposed to do the same as i mentioned.

But additionally I have done couple of more things which i felt i should do it for my devices (my laptop and iphone)to get the proper speed. In my master router(dlink) ,1st I allocated dedicated IP's for my laptop and my Iphone from the DHCP range available. Then after that in traffic control option page, I have added the rule that my iphone and laptop must get minimum of 40mbps download speed at any given point of time. Let the rest 10mbps be for other family members. I just saved all these setting a rebooted my master router. Bingo !!! It works like Charm :) In speedtest it shows full bandwith via wifi now :) Try this out and let me know.



May 10, 2017
I'm having the same problem with my 60mbps ACT Blaze connection. Ever since the speed was upgraded from 40mbps to 60mbps this problem is there.
With the ACT cable directly connected in my laptop, I get 60mbps download and upload.
On my Netgear WGR614v10 router, (sitting right next to it) I am getting only 20mbps dowload. Upload is ok at 50 mbps.
On the same router, with a LAN cable from one of the ethernet ports on the router to my laptop, I get 40mbps download and 55 mbps upload.
Previously when the plan speeds were 20mbps and later 40mbps, I was getting the full speed ( for both download and upload) on this router through wifi or lan cable.

So, the ACT technician told me that the router might have become old and advised me to buy a new one, prefarably dual band. He suggested D Link DIR 816.
I got the D-Link DIR 816 AC750 Dual Band Router from Amazon. Now, with this router it is the same exact story as my previous router mentioned above (both with wifi and lan cable from ethernet port of router to laptop)! This is with the 2.4GHz band on DLink 816 as my laptop only supports 2.4 GHz band. I checked on ipad mini on 2.4GHz band and same results.
Only my smart phone supports 5GHz band, I checked on this and again the download speed is only 20mbps and upload is 50mbps.

I have tried changing channels on the routers, enabling and disabling WMM option in QoS, but nothing works. Even the ACT technician does not know. He says he has even seen people with D Link 816 getting 100mbps download on 100mbps plan(on 5GHz band) and 50-60mbps on 60mbps plan (2.4GHz band). He too tried with his Linksys E1200 router,but the same story.

So, I am breaking my head on what to do next. I don't think it is a router issue. It may be issue with ACT once they upgraded their plans. Unnecessarily, I had to buy a new router.
Has anybody had else had this problem and found a solution? Pls let me know.
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