Normal speed through LAN cable but slow through wifi


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Sep 1, 2014
I recently ( a week ago) acquired an ACT fibernet 40 mpbs connection.
However, I've faced this issue since the beginning: I get 40 mbps of speed through LAN cable (as tested on but the moment i connect via wifi, the speed drops to 20 mbps, and fluctuates wildly, often dropping to 1-2 mbps, so i can hardly browse.
I figured that the issue might be with the NETGEAR N150 router, and I called ACT CC, who tried to configure the router, but to no avail. I then contacted NETGEAR CC, who were similarly unable to help, despite a lot of modifications to the router configuration.
I then ordered a new router (TP-LINK N300) from flipkart, but (you guessed it) same problem. ACT CC is saying that it is not an issue with their end, as a direct connection gives the promised speed.
I tried configuring the router(s) in a hundred different ways (Channel 1, 6, 11, Auto; MTU size 1454, 1492, 1500; Dynamic IP, PPPoE; WEP, WPS) but nothing works. I placed it all over the house, but everywhere the issue is the same.
Another point: I have also an Airtel connection, which I hadn't disconnected as I wasn't sure about ACT, and the routers work absolutely fine with that! So I don't think the issue is with the wireless network adapter in my laptop, or the routers, or the range. Besides, the story is same on the phone and the tab.
I'm at my wits' end as to what to do. I'm sure the issue is with some setting somewhere, but despite scouring google for answers, I've found none. Any help will be much, much appreciated.


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Sep 2, 2014
Glad you posted this! I upgraded my plan to ACT SOHO Value 80Mbps plan from the 1st of this month. The maximum download speed i'm getting on my Cisco E900 N router is a mere 8-10 Mbps instead of the 80. The upload speeds go upto 30 Mbps. I have troubleshooted everything, upgraded firmware, changed all the settings just like you did, no avail. While I understand that there will be a drop in speed when you use WAN on a 2.4ghz channel, these speeds are unacceptable and there is definitely an issue from the backend. I would love to hear from existing ACT Fibernet users. Does upgrading to a dual band router like the Airport Express help?


Jun 12, 2014
Cheap routers/modems have a poor implementation of wi-fi N mode. I have seen this in Netgear router.
Try changing the mode to "b/g" and the channel.

Note:"g" mode supports max theoretical speed of 54MBps, so if your connection bandwidth is more than this you might not get the full speed.


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Sep 2, 2014
E900 on N is theoretically supposed to give 300Mbps speed. Real world output would be around 130 Mbps. Taking into account all the interferences and other factors, at the very least I should get a quarter of that. Atleast 25-30Mbps? ACT technicians are flummoxed. Their reply is that this is a common issue with routers and they cant guarantee higher speeds via Wifi . They can't even suggest a better router. I'd like to know what speeds other ACT Fibernet users are getting.


Jul 2, 2008
Check if wmm is selected under QoS in E900. If it is disabled, please enable it. If it is disabled, you will experience slow download speeds. This seems to be a known issue with E900.

Try setting the mode(b/g/n) to mixed or select N only mode and select the channel 1 or 6 or 9 manually.

Also, check what is the network wifi link speed on your laptop/desktop. Go to control panel -- Network and Sharing Center -- Select Wifi. You will be able to see the link speed here. If this speed is less, you are probably going to get the low download speeds.


May 27, 2013
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Oct 19, 2012
Like gopichand mentioned it would be to do with QOS settings else check if you toggle the channel bandwidth to check.. 20 mhz to 20/40 or vice versa


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Feb 17, 2015
I have similar issue. NetGear JNR3120 is the router I am using.
I dont get download speed more than 512Kbps. Tried ACT CC and NetGear CC, both didnt work.
My ACT Account ID is 1121636, hope I get some help