Airtel Broadband Plans in Sector-21-C Faridabad

Mayank Vijay Kumar

New Member
Aug 30, 2014
I am really frustrated because from all over the Faridabad city Airtel is not launching any new plans in Sector-21-C from the past 10 years.I have been using Airtel and had almost no problems from them, they are providing good servicing from the past 10 years but now I am really frustrated as the speed in our area is still very limited.Nothing is changed here.The max speed in our area provided by Airtel is 2 Mbps. Airtel has launched new broadband plans in many regions of Faridabad but they are not doing anything in our area.
I saw the pamplets in many regions about new plans of upto 8 mbps of speed (even in NIT 5).
I even talked to them and also emailed to them but they had told nothing about when new plans will launch.

Can anyone help me with this out.:angel:
I really need more internet speed in our area without any connectivity issues like Airtel.Please tell me what should I do.