Nextra does not work

Gaurav Sharan

New Member
Aug 27, 2014
Hey Folks,

I have been using the Nextra Broadband service since December 2013.

Here’s my review:


Installation took around 2 weeks during which multiple follow-ups had to be done. The ‘engineers’ who came for the installation struggled to find the source for connectivity in my apartment. They finally had to draw a fresh wire from the junction box outside the house till the router. Not the most elegant of solutions, but the damn thing started working.


No complaints. 10Mbps was promised, and was received. There were initial issues in throttling wherein Nextra downgraded my speed despite my not having consumed my limit. It took a complaint to restore my speed.


In general, not too bad. On an average, I had to register complaints once a month, which usually got resolved in under 24 hours.

During May-June 2014, however, for around a period of 40 days, I had to register complaints every second day for the internet not working. Infact, one day, I registered a complaint on my way back from office without even checking if the network was working. And lo and behold, it was infact not working when I got back home.

August 2014 – Internet was not working on August 21st. A complaint was raised, and by 22nd Morning it was working. When I got back from office, on 22nd, it was again down.

A complaint was raised again. Complaint number was 20072645012. Unfortunately, basis my experience of this complaint, I will strongly recommend you to avoid services from Nextra. Today, on August 27th, it is now the 5th day that my internet has been down. I have called them up everyday, and have been told a variety of reasons for the internet not working for 5 days at a stretch. The common thread across all these responses was that there has been a fiber cut, and services to the entire area are down. I finally spoke to Mr. Rajeev Chauhan of Radius, who handles the optical fiber network. He said that it will take a minimum of another day for the complaint to get resolved. When I called up Nextra, I asked to speak with a supervisor at their Call Centre. The call was then transferred to Mr. Pinto, who identified himself as a Senior Executive. When I informed him that I have not got connectivity for 4 days, and wanted to escalate the complaint, he actually told me that the problem is in my router, and that he would send an ‘engineer’ to my house to fix it. When I asked him that why am I being informed a new reason now and that why it took 4 days plus multiple calls from my end for them to decide to send ‘engineers’ to my house, he did not have a satisfactory response. I attempted to ask him about the SLA for a complaint like mine, and he refused to tell me what it was.

All in all

After 5 days now, I have had enough, and have decided to disconnect Nextra services. Frankly, I should have done this in May itself when my connectivity was down for most of the time. I must have no less than 25 complaints during that period. While the speed is good, they have no idea how to handle customers. Their resolution, well, can be missing entirely.

Avoid Nextra!