Need Information On Bsnl For Wiki.


Aug 15, 2006
Can someone here please expand the General Info area of BSNL here :


Someone who has good knowledge in BSNL Dataone about :

1) Average Speed download and upload
2) General Customer Service Quality
3) Downtimes and any other info you think should be in there.

If not there, I request the users to please post any info here, so we can make the changes at the General Info section with the survey posted here.


Mar 31, 2006
in my experience & observations :

1. promised download speed is 256kbps (upto 2mbps for home connections
except the unlimited plans) and assumed (not given) upload speed is 32kbps .

I use netmeter to monitor the net speeds . ( )
sometimes it shows a maximum of 135KB/sec download speeds .

the speeds depend on many factors and differ from site to site . in general
we get above 180kbps download speed and upload speed is about 45kbps .

recently I downloaded Nero 7 from nero's ftp site . I used flashget to download .
file size : 398MB Total time taken : 48 minutes ( early morning after 6 A.M. )
Average Speed : 146.75 KB/sec

2. customer service quality is neither best nor worst . It is average . And BSNL
is trying to improve the quality of customer services

3. I have experienced a maximum downtime of about 6 hours ( at Hyderabad ) .