Reliance Broadband In Chandigarh


Feb 25, 2007
Is there reliance broadband in Chandigarh - 160019 ?
Jun 17, 2007
One of the many complaints sent by me to i feel i have nothing more to explain about the service... sales agents are also no less than cheaters least BSNL technicians tell you the gestation period....Hello,I would like to inform you about what I’ve been going through from 28th may 2007, I applied for broadband internet connection through application number 10010010522982 to Mr. Aman Joshi sales agent in Chandigarh circle, after that he assured me that the connection will be installed, as per the company’s rules, within 7 days but instead he submitted that application for broadband on 5th June, 2007 resulting in late processing after that he showed no interest in any correspondence to me.Secondly, the landline connection was provided to me which was second preference and I am having problems in the connection also, for records you can see that I registered a complaint on 14th June, 2007 vide complaint number: 51231007 but again I encountered a problem on 16th June, 2007 which I complained on 17th June, 2007 vide complaint number: 51376053. I would like to make it clear that the problem I encountered was due to the technical team in the area as the time came here to check for the installation of modem they went to DP but instead of installing modem they left me with a dead landline connection and I was relying on BSNL after that.Thirdly, the behavior of the office bearers of reliance Chandigarh office was very Non co-operative as the time I called them they advised me to use dial up connection instead of solving the problem. Today is 20th day after I applied for the broadband internet connection but still the connection has not been installed and I am forced to use a dial up connection of a private mobile carrier. There is no way your company can compensate me either in monetary or in any other way as I’ve spent so much money on dial up connections and calling your sales representatives, I am mentally very much harassed and so I applied for refund and disconnection.The time I asked Mr. Varinder on the Reliance office number 0172-3031441 about the contact number of Nodal officer Ms. Shalini Sanjeev for Punjab, Mr. Varinder fully denied the existence of any other office of Reliance in Chandigarh and showed his ignorance about the number of Ms. Shalini Sanjeev.May you please look into the matter because due to such employees the investment made by your company in Chandigarh is not generating the returns as much it should’ve generated may the employees here be checked upon.I was in a very important need of the broadband connection so I approached Reliance but the impression I am left with is very disappointing.Sender: Ashutosh Sharma.


Sep 24, 2007
Reliance broadband is very poor at broadband internet service. they have very server breakdowns. You can say, internet is not working atleast 2hours per day.... I am fed up of this bullshit service of reliance. and also the internet speed is not upto mark. you wont gety desired speed...