Browser Fanboyism

Apoorv Khatreja

Super Loser
Nov 7, 2006
Common sense, in the computing world, tells you to use whatever program you feel best accomplishes the goal you are trying to obtain. No one tool is perfect for everyone on any single goal, but they all manage to come together and cover a vast majority of users out there. Those who still feel jilted, usually program their own stuff, as I am still slowly doing with NexPad. It's a nice idea, but it's being trampled on by the immature, unable minds of extremist Firefox fan boys who do nothing but fly that icon in your face over and over until you feel bad for using anything else.

It's no secret that I use Firefox. I have a decently popular optimized build that I, myself, release daily. In general, I really like Firefox. It does what I need and that's all I ask. Sure, I have even recommended it to other people and have downloaded it to their machines for use in some pretty severe cases of corruption of their browser of choice. I let them know what I am using, tell them I use it and like it, and that's it. I let them make the choice because, after all, I want them to be able to accomplish the goals they want. I haven't converted many people, but my mom and dad now use the Fox and they like it. It works, simple as that.

My sisters use another browser and I don't seem to mind, even if it is slightly outdated (MSN 7). It does what they need and I respect that. However, ask yourself something: If they were to go to a "tech forum" and ask a question about their browser of choice, how likely do you think it is that someone will tell them to use Firefox? The problem is, it is WAY too likely to happen. At the site I work for,, it became a large enough problem that a thread had to be created, in our dedicated Web Browser Support Forum, just to warn users of the complete lack of tolerance we have for such behavior. In extreme circumstances, an account could be completely disabled for such offenses.

Some readers, right now, may not understand what the big deal is. However, imagine it in a different light. Imagine you owned a 1998 Ford and you needed to bring it to the mechanic. Upon bringing the car in to the shop, the mechanic ignores you as you speak and simply yells out, in your face, to get a Dodge?. He may even call you a n00b or, in more actual wording, an idiot for driving a Ford and not the Dodge. So, now, instead of walking out with a problem corrected and a, once again, peaceful experience with your Ford, you now go home, after being insulted, with the problem still in existence. The world just doesn't work that way.

What can we do? Education is the answer. I can't possibly sit here and expect anyone's attitude to completely change because of my words. It is simply an improbable and silly thought. However, with that said, we need to start spreading the concept of mature product selection and respect. Firefox is a great product, without a doubt, but it doesn't suit everyone's needs and that's perfectly okay. Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, K-Meleon, etc, are all perfectly fine choices for a user if they feel their browsing needs will be met. So please, fellow Firefox users and lovers, try to keep these thoughts in mind. We need to be here to show how powerful this community can be, though; we need to be gentle with that power. We all need to show respect towards the choices people make, from their hair color to their Web Browser. You may not like it, but it's their web experience and not yours. Please remember this. Let's prove, together, that we are all better than this.

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