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May 26, 2005
The result are for all to see. Pls refer to the site of Union Ministry of Statistics ( ) which confirms Karnataka growing at over 14% p.a. against the Union Of India's growth of 9% p.a.


Consider the industries - hi-tech or manufacturing or aviation – Karnataka beats the Union. But it suffers a body blow to its political aspirations because of less population - only 20 seats to the Union parliament. Over the years, it has received step-motherly treatment vis-a-vis its populous neighbors. Corporate earnings, service taxes and IT exports are filling the Union coffers with little coming back to the state. Name one Kannadiga minister in the Union Cabinet over the last 60 years.

Consider TNs clout - Finance, telecom, health - all with tamils. See the way Dayanidhi Maran is functioning - not as Telecom minister of the Union but of TN. Just see the no. of telecom projects he has diverted to TN at the expense of other states. No matter what you call this, democracy as practised in India is flawed. It is more of mobocracy - vote-banks rules.

The results are obvious, you have smaller states feeling a sense of alienation. If this sense of alienation and lack of political equality is not addressed, it may prompt armed rebellion like what is already seen in the North-East.

Why can't India become a democracy in true terms like the United Kingdom and the USofA. Let each state have equal representation in the upper house - say 4 seats per state. This will counterbalance the current advantage held by the populous states. Why cant we become the United States of India? Once this happens, all such trivial disputes will be resolved amicably. If TN wants water cached on Karnataka land, it pays a premium to get it (for maintaining the dam as well as for the lands submerged due to the dam as well for maintaining the catchment areas to feed the river). To meet its water needs, it needs to build dams in the catchment areas in its territory.

Bullying its neighbours Karnataka (over Kaveri) and Kerala (over mula-periyar) is no way for a civilized state to behave. TN cannot expect to raise 3 crops a season when Karnataka farmers do not have water to grow a decent 2 crops to sustain their households. The whole world is watching Tamil behaviour to its neighbours both within the Union (Karnataka, Kerala and AP) and outside ( Sri Lanka)

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Oct 31, 2004
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Name one Kannadiga minister in the Union Cabinet over the last 60 years.[/b]

how abt a prime minister! :D ;)