Sharing Dataone With More Than One Pc


Aug 7, 2006
hai every one, i want to share my dataone bradband connection with 3 pc's.i have bought a the cable from broadband modem is plugged into port 1 of the switch.other pc's are connected from 2 & 3 ports with a network connection is a dial up one.i am able to connect only one pc at a time .i want to connect one pc and bring that connection to other pc's at the same needed to configure?thanks in advance
Feb 16, 2007
Nice Links Given. I was hunting for that. I have some doubt about that. Will the internet works simultaniously on all 3 PCs? Is there any requirement that single PC should be ON? OR only ADSL Modem should on? Please Reply. I want to connect 3 PCs to modem. I wanted to surf the internet on all 3 PCs at a time. I dont want that at least the main PC should be remain ON for sharing internet on other 2 PCs. I want only Modem should be ON while any PC switched ON will start using the net. If all 3 PCs are connected to ADSL and switched on, can they will be able to share their local contents (Shared folder, drives, printers, scanners, etc). Sory for that long query. Please Reply soon. Bye, have a nice day/(or night!!!).

Spawn Freak

Aug 5, 2006
just set up the IP's (, 13, 14, 15....................) on all the PC's and same DNS server on all PC's n modem, then just open the browser n u r connected!


Apr 8, 2007
WoW! Thansk for these great suggestions. Bow can anyone please share their experiences whether this has worked for them or not and what has been the experience and the common errors. This will help us in forming a case study..Thanks for the cooperation. :thumbsup: