High Fluctuations in Speed for FOX connection in East Delhi

Anshul Dakshini

New Member
Apr 8, 2014
Dear Spectranet Rep.
I have been using a 12-16 mbps (48 GB) FOX home broadband connection from 20 March 2014.
The connection worked fine for initial 10-12 days but it started showing fluctuations (in few seconds) in speed thereafter. Whenever I checked the speed with www.speedtest.net it shows me proper download speed as per the plan (however it varies from 8 to 13 mbps), but whenever I tried to download any stuff from the internet (even a small word or pdf file of say 50-100 mb size) the actual download time reaches 15-20 minutes.
How that can happen? If the speed shown by the test is pretty good, how come the actual download takes so much time for such a small size of data?
Initially I thought it might be a one time problem, may be the file is not proper, or the browser may be behaving weird, or even thought that the site itself may be creating issues..... but this is the experience with every other file, every other browser and even every other site. (I m experiencing this from past 1 month +)
Thus I suppose there seems to be another issue, which I tried to figured out with the help desk, but, the guys over there gave excuses like, "Sir our systems are under update/upgrade, hence we could not login to your account to check the details" , or "Sir this is the system down time, it will be resolved in few hours"......
Is the system is always been upgraded or backed up or something of that sort......oh pls.....
Seriously, can you guys actually help me, and that too ASAP because I need to be ONLINE for my business/work continuously. If you can then pls do.....