Has Anyone Used Rbcomtec Modem Given With Airtel To Connect To Bsnl


Jan 26, 2007
Dear Friends,I have a BSNL Internet connection.I did not get any modem with the Installation since its out of stock in my area in Haryana.I am using a borrowed modem.Now i want to buy a USB Powered DSL modem (so that i can use during electricity cuts)My friend also has this spare modem======================================Modem Details:USB ADSL Modem: R. B. COMTECX7005QVer: 0.4Date:AUG 2003XAVI Technologies corporationModel Name :Xentrix X 7005Q======================================He told me that this is an Airtel modemHas anyone used this modem in connecting to BSNL and if yes what do we need to do this make this work?All help shall be highly appreciated.Thanks and RegardsRaj

Spawn Freak

Aug 5, 2006
Dude, airtel BB is a DSL service whereas BSNL BB is ADSL2+ service...Airtel uses PPPoA whereas BSNL uses PPPoE Can't say will it b compatible with BSNLu can buy a modem from market costing nearbout 1800 Rs.Netgear n D-Link modems are very Good...