Climate Change


Mar 5, 2009
We know that global warming affects the weather and the earth's natural resources, but I need to know how it affects the health of people and animals around the world?


Feb 16, 2009
^ global warming is not a fraud. there is 2 no ways about it. what you prob mean to say it is that it's got nothing to do with humans. it's nature playing it's part and something I also agree with.


Oct 29, 2004
India won?t accept emission reduction target period, says Jairam Ramesh- Politics/Nation-News-The Economic Times

The minister of state for environment Jairam Ramesh, on Tuesday, reasserted a central role for his ministry in the climate change negotiations process as well as in the implementation of the National Action Plan on Climate. Mr Ramesh said India would not “negotiate or renegotiate” the UN Framework on Climate Change but was open to “renegotiate” the emission reduction target of developed nations at the Copenhagen meet slated in December.

Making the Indian position clear, the minister said, “India will not accept any emission-reduction target period. India will not accept any legally enforceable targets. This is a non-negotiable stand.” Stressing that there was no way India would take any legally binding emission reduction target, the minister said that “by doing so we will be jeopardising our energy consumption target, transportation expansion and, most importantly, our agricultural and power production which is needed for poverty elimination.”

Countering the view in the developed countries about India’ contribution to climate change, Mr Ramesh said, “developed countries have contributed to climate change, India has no contribution. India has 16% of the world population and contributes to 4.6% of green house gas emissions, while the US has 5% of population and contributes to more than 20% of the emissions.”


Jun 13, 2007
^ global warming is not a fraud. there is 2 no ways about it. what you prob mean to say it is that it's got nothing to do with humans. it's nature playing it's part and something I also agree with.

No such claim is a fraud! Only an over statement. Like large scale famines due population explosion (Malthuse) and slack in food production. Vanishing of dynasour because if ice age or meter strike. Currently global cooling gaing more importance than global warming. All such theories concentrate only on a small portion of the issue, collate favourable data, ignore contradicting data and draw convenient (for self or country) conclusions. All theories and predictions in micro or macro level will fail or difficult to verify; only what we experience at the mundane level is relevant.


Jan 25, 2008
Hollywood movie "Day After tomorrow" expains details abt the global warming. Global Warming triggers Earth to ICE Age.


Mr. Advocate
Jan 8, 2005
New Delhi
Warthog keep your conspiracy theories to yourself. Yes, global warming is a bit of an inappropriate phrase - as some environmentalists are now calling it "global weirding" is a more appropriate phrase. It doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. It just means that the old phrase was not a very good one, and now we have a better phrase to describe it.

Global warming / weirding does not mean that everywhere temperatures are rising, but that in some places they are dramatically rising, and in some places they are dramatically decreasing. Same goes for rainfall patterns, tornadoes, tsunamis and other weather / climactic patterns.

One problem is that rising temperatures in the ice caps is leading to a depletion of the ice caps and a consequent rise in the sea levels world-wide (which means more tsunamis and more land coming under water).

Anyone who claims that the climate / weather is not changing dramatically has completely lost it. I remember that when I was a kid (not that far back - about 15 years ago or so) - monsoons in Delhi meant monsoons, i.e. 4-5 days of non-stop rainfall. Now monsoon here means rain for 2-3 hours a day for 3-4 days within a week. That's a huge difference. Not to mention it's getting hot as balls here than ever before (part of it can be explained by our rising dependency and habituation to air conditioners etc. but there is undeniably a change).