Any good ISP in Guwahati-Assam?


Jan 5, 2014
I am from Guwahati, Assam and I am looking for a ISP.
Two months ago I contacted BSNL. A guy came and took the docs and 500rs .Last week I went to their office and they said that they cannot provide me broadband because they need 200 m wire to give the connection whereas they have only 80m line left. :nonchalance: :nonchalance: They also did not return me the money.
So what options do I have now???
There is an awesome ISP called Rajdhani but they charge around 4k for a 1 mpbs plan.
Can anyone suggest me anything good.
Anything with atleast 512 kbps+ unlimited will be enough for me. I am willing to pay around 2k monthly for such a plan.

the joker

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Apr 14, 2014
well its nor broadband but its SIFY isp guwahati. they have many packages. i m currently using 321 KBps ( 40kBps actual download speed) plan which is unlimited. which cost 1000rs. i used to suscribe to 1.2 mbs ( 150kBps) earlier which was 2200rs per month which was too costly for i switched to 1000 plan. both are unlimited. its a wireless service. and service wise its good.. but i face occasional hi cups. but its good. pings good when its good. i even play online games on my ps3 with this ISP lol.. and ya rajdhani is toooooo costly.

rajdeep mazumder

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Feb 9, 2016
i also faced the same question when i shifted to guwahati last summer in 2015. i hunted down all the service providers and even hunted down the users of various isps and asked their review. originally i was using bsnl wimax in my earier city, but when i moved to guwahati , i found that it was impossible to get a wimax connection in guwahati as whenever i visited bsnl panbazar office or bsnl diapur exchange or even panjabari sde office, they all had one answer ready and that was, no wimax device was available. i waited 6 months from august 2015 to january 2016 but bsnl still did not have wimax device. however i did get cal from someone in bsnl office aksing me 5 k for providing a bsnl device. it was all clear to me by then. now i had to decide if i wanted to pay the bribe and get the connectio which is only 512 kbps and risk giving more bribe as and when i needed help from bsnl. hence i dropped the idea and started looking for private providers. i needed a minimu 1 mbps line within 1 k and unlimited usage. i shortlisted railwire, catla, sity, rajdhani , amtron and mnet. i had chat with the users and found that mnet and railwire users were the most satisfied. hence i called up both mnet and railwire for an installation. the only bar i has was , who ever could instal it first , i would go for it. railwire waa the first to visit and but they delayed by giving girlfriend issue of the technician, lol. the next day mnet visited and within 1 hour my 1 mbps line was up and running. though railwire would have costed me rs 2000 nly for setup, i did not go for it as i was sceptical about the after sales service vis a vis the girlfriend problem of the technician. mnet costed me 6600 installation and 200 extra as comission for installation( though off the official records) but the best thing is that mnet provides 1 mnps every inch of a second, always. so from my past experience with bsnl and others , i think mnet is the best as on date.


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May 27, 2016
Guys dont go for Mnet. Initially they will give u good speed, after 2-3 moths they will reduced ur internet speed. I had 1Mbps speed plan form Mnet, initially they give me around 90-100 kbps download speed after that they reduced it to 30-50 kbps, when i asked them about the speed they told me that 30-50 kbps is correct speed for my plan. So think twice before you go for mnet. I will suggest better go for railwire or any other ISP
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