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Dec 14, 2013
I have Spectranet connection in Bangalore. I like its speed and service. They provide a default low-end Beetel WAN Router with single antenna. I have D-Link ADSL moden with dual antenna, but unfortunately I couldn't bridge or bind this D-Link modem-router to my Beetel Sepectranet connection. I called Spectranet engineers and they came and configured it. Now, I can use wifi both from my D-Link and Beetel as well as LAN through cable from both routers.
Unfortunately, I had to reset my D-Link modem and I lost all the config. I called spectranet and they do not support bridging or ADSL config any more.
I want to configure my D-Link again to my Beetel. Anyone can help/guide here would be much appreciated. You can also PM at benzmar at gmail dot com.


Mar 30, 2013
I can understand that you want to use your D-Link modem+router to work as a second wifi router along with your beetle one. You have to search for an option "use as router only" in your dlink router page and nothing else. Earlier you must be having a LAN from your beetel to your dlink (on one of the ports, probably on port 1 or 4).