Spectranet in Noida Sector 41?


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Sep 25, 2013
Noida Sector 41
Hey Guys,
Before i start, this is my first post ever :nonchalance: . I am actually a foreign student studying in Noida and I have been struggling with Internet Providers here. When I saw unlimited plans without fup (which i heard ever for the first time), i was over the moon since i am struggling right now with 512kbps plan. At first, i called Reliance to know about their plan "Thunder 1099" and they said it's not available in my region which brought me down. After that, I looked on reviews about Tikona which everybody hates so i dropped the idea as well. Today, I heard about Spectranet and i saw their 2 Mbps plan but when i called the customer service, they told me to look for a local operator which I have no clue what the person is or does. Can someone please help me? I am looking for a wired broadband plan without fup (atleast 2Mbps) in my region or if someone has a contact of a local operator that can set up a connection for me.
Thanks in advance and Have a great day ahead :tranquillity:


Jun 30, 2008
I am also curious about Noida Sector 62. I called up the customer care number but the IVR was so irritating