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Sep 12, 2015
Most probably PoE (Power over Ethernet). Both power and data are transmitted through the Ethernet cable, useful for remote PoE devices where power sources are not available. A PoE powered device can be substituted by a non-PoE device with an additional power source. Plugging an Ethernet cable that also carries power into a non-PoE device is also not a problem as PoE is auto-negotiated. If the router at your place has an additional power source then the PoE is meant for a remote device outside your premises.
In short you can use your own router if it provides the exact same function. Make sure there's no mac lock though.
Hey Guys, I had a similar question about the adapter that comes with Spectranet. I agree with Manoj that this is a PoE, which is probably used to power up the switch at the Spectranet hub station. They bring in the Fiber upto a point and then give Copper handoff to the client, the adapter they are using is something like this.. KINE SCOPE ELECTRONICS I think it is important to use this adapter so that the spectranet switch can get the power. In addition to that i dont see a need to use the WiFi router given by them, you can use your own. I have replaced it with mine and it is working fine, you just need to make sure that you have DHCP turned on. In addition to that, they do MAC Binding but you can work around that by registering the device on their webpage.
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Jan 27, 2012
Just read in their website that the have Launched 1249Rs unlimited plan in Bangalore and 7 other cities.
Spped is upto 20MBPS and its a Fibre Optic Connection.
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If any1 have opted this plan, please post the review about speed and the no FUP part.