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Oct 29, 2004
Lol. Yeah.
In Gurgaon? The sales person probably decided not to highlight the limits.
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Apr 28, 2011
I use spectranet fox at home . I enrolled for an yearly plan before they started giving unlimited plans out. Following is based on my experience:

1. Downtime is very less and I usually receive notification for the down time in advance.

2. I am on a 20mbit plan and I usally get 10-12 mbit speed.

3.. I have recently noticed that spectranet has started throttling torrents heavily (I get 16-50Kbit speed on torrents during the day and 12-16Mbit during the night on same torrent)

4. Any complaints to customer care come with a standard will be resolved in 24 working hours notice. Please see they say 24 working hours (3days)

5. Their CEO has his email listed on BBF, I had to reach him once because of a ping issue and I got more than satisfactory response.

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Sep 26, 2010
@NITIN Mehrotra
Dear Nitin,

firstly - some words of appreciation for a positive experience so far and I concur with points 1 and 2 above!!
coming to my issue :
I have been a happy customer for a year now and am on the Quarterly Unlimited Package.
Since Sunday 1400hrs , there is no connectivity and I have called up the local tech/sales rep.Till today, my complaint status is not resolved!
I have called up the following and here is a summary :
1. Mr Manjunath - tech/sales rep - a response around power outage on sunday when first called and reported the incident - eta 30 mins , changed to few hours and since then not even a call back or response to sms/calls
2. Monday 1st June - ticket created with SLA 8 hrs for a tech visit - not met yet and no update
3. Mumbai NOC call - confirmation of issue, highlighted to be with CPE ( Spectranet Switch in premise building /floor - as per troubleshooting)
4. Tech Visit - NOT DONE TILL 7PM.
5. I called Mumbai NOC again to follow up - given Area Co-ordinator number for a Mr Robin.
6. Called up Mr Robin - commitment of tech in 2 hours - by 2100 hrs including tech name ( Mr Raghu ) - however no visit
7. follow up via another call and SMS - no response
8. Tuesday 2nd June - follow up with Mr Robin again - commitment of new tech by afternoon - plus mobile number again for Mr Manju ( ala point 1)
9. Called Mr Manju again - twice - no response.

Please can this be looked into? Can I have my internet back? its been 48 hrs without internet !

this is for BANG- SARJ- SOBHA QUARTZ ( Bangalore )

this was resolved as on 3rd June 1430 IST.

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Jan 20, 2014
Hi folks, just wanted to check if it's a normal behaviour to get a very low ping test score (read Score F) even though speedtest results are in line within the promised bandwidth range (12-16 MBPS). I've been a Spectranet user for the last year and I've always had this issue. The network is rather poor during late evenings and video sites just keeps buffering. I'm about give up on them but i thought i'll get some feedback before pulling the plug.


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Jun 18, 2015
Someone somewhere said to tell the installation guy to install a 100Mbps connection instead of 10Mbps connection (doesn't matter what plan speed you selected) as it hepls in p2p and torrent speeds.
I don't understand, what did he meant exactly
Please someone, explain


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Jul 21, 2015
Getting mixed reviews about spectranet...do they provide service in Badarpur are of Delhi?