Idea 2G data pack has stopped working in Roaming (in Delhi)


Jul 17, 2013
I have a Idea connection (UP west) & I use this number only for internetin my Tablet. Yesterday, I came to Delhi & my data pack was almost finished. Then Idea started to deduct from main balance for internet.It was fine due to no data pack available.Today, I have recharged my number for 1 GB data pack. But after recharging the pack, my internet is not working. (main balance is also finished because I dont use this number for voice call.).But It is surprising that after recharging the data pack, Internet is not working.Previously, I used tata dacomo & I moved to Idea due to the same issue (non availability of spectrum in Delhi). & forum moderators advised me to move to another operator. But I am facing the same problem in Idea too.Now I am not able to understand what should I do?Could you please provide me any suggestion?
Anuj Rathi


Feb 2, 2011
I do not know about other operators, but I use on my tablet BSNL and for this I need to do two things periodically. Ensure the SIM is valid - i.e. extend the life of the SIM every 6 months with the validity extender pack - then whenever I travel, I recharge the 3G data pack for the amount of usage or duration I expect.
Check if your SIM is valid by logging into the provider portal and trying a validity extension (as I do in BSNL) - may be a different process for you - maybe send some SMS or *123# or something...
The data and sim validity are 2 different things in BSNL - i dont ever recharge for voice on this SIM, only validity extension and data whenever I need.