Too much bandwidth usage in Windows 8


Dec 20, 2008
I recently installed windows 8 x64 pro with media centre and still haven't bought it because I want to test it completely.

But I am facing a problem regarding Broadband Usage. It is too much even in idle condition. Yesterday I turned off the network sharing and it seemed to be okay by then but today I am facing the same problem and it persists even I selected no to sharing of network.

I haven't installed antivirus from my side and turned off any windows update. But can't understand which application is suing network. If I check under Task manager then I got to know that somewhat like System service host is using network and if I try to end task it asks me for shutdown.

I am on BSNL Broadband FN 500 which gives me 1.5 GB limit, so bandwidth is issue for me. Even simple browsing is costing me too much these days say 10 minutes of facebook, twitter.. Its up to about 50 MB of daily quota.

Please help me in this matter.

Thanks :)


::IBF Addict::
Jul 15, 2009
Ulhasnagar, MH
Could be the live tiles of News and Weather apps constantly using the internet. Turning it off may help. I have done this and there's a difference, but still Windows 8 is eating up more than usual bandwidth.


Nov 11, 2012
Try installing an antivirus. I had a similar problem in 2005 sep, when I got BSNL Dataone. I had Windows XP professional and even keeping all the browsers closed, it was downloading (God knows what !) at the rate of nearly 1 MB per minuter. It scared the hell out of me ! I tried all trouble shooting but nothing worked. Then I got hold of a BSNL engineer, through some personal contacts and he asked me to try installing antivirus. If it still persists, he asked me to format the harddisk. But the antivirus did the trick. It might work for u. Do try installing an antivirus. I think I installed Computer Associates antivirus and it did the trick ! Hope my suggestion is useful. If the problem persists (before trying the formatting options) try contacting yr BSNL exchange engineer and explain the problem to them. They might be able to help. Good luck !