Reliance Broadnand 699 Unlimited plans details .


Feb 26, 2012
Just had a few questions about this new plan that Reliance offers @ 699 , 2MBPS Unlimited . Can someone who has this plan please shed some light on these queries :1. How is the internet connection provided ? via a LAN cable or a RJ-45 cable ?2. How does reliance login system work .? Do we have to log in every time manually .? And does it auto disconnect after some time .? :OI'm currenly using Airtel BB and it is an always on connection with no hassle of logging in 3. Can this connection be used as Wi-fi with a Wi-fi router .?I've my Wi-fi enabled phones and my laptop so can i use them thru Wi-fi as well .?Can i share my connection on all devices simultaneously .? And do we need to log in from each device separately .?4. Does Reliance offers this plan on trial basis for testing also .? And what do we need to pay initially in total for getting installed and will we get a modem .?5. I always need to change my IP for downloading via various sites . Can i change my IP instantly in Reliance BB ?6. Is there any way to keep the Reliance BB always on via a Wi-Fi Router ?Please reply to the above queries and help ...