Help with NIC Teaming


Dec 2, 2012
Hey guysHeres the thing, I have 2 ppoe connections(10mbps each) from bbnl, both require a logon, I have a intel MT1000 dual port server NIC on my PC , this is a fiber optic connection, which gets connected to a media convertor, and the cable from media convertor in turn connects to a switch(unmanaged) and from the switch(unmanaged) I have 2 cat5 cables which I can connect to 2 nics in my PC, now the thing is, I can only login to one account at a time, cant have 2 separate PPoe connections working at once as I can connect to only 1 ppoe connection at a time, so what I did was bought 2 routers ASUS BT13U( and Netgear WNR2000V2 ( have configured PPOE on 2 separate routers, and able to access internet, now my concern is im configuring NIC teaming (My nic supports that), now to perform link aggregation , when im doing that I face frequent disconnection, is there any other way I could add up the bandwidth on both nics for eg 100mbps + 100mbps = 200mbpsfrom what i read the LAGs(link aggregation groups) need to be configured on a managed switch, i dont have one as they are expensive ( i know how to configure lags on cisco switches), do i have any other alternatives ?