SUN DIRECT HD., Cheating. Not True HD


Dec 28, 2007
Hi Friends,I bought a SUN DIRECT HD dth by exchanging my standard definition. They discounted Rs. 500 for the Old Box and replaced the new HD box.The experience of getting this connection was very bad as usual.1. I Booked through customer care. and they said it will take maximum 5 working days to give the new connection.2. They committed that exchange of old box is valid for Rs 5003. They also said, there is a spice jet offer. If i take a Value pack for 2990, after i will be getting 3 * 1000 rs Spice jet vouchers.Next the dealer called me and said he can come. But he never know these offers are exists. When i said customer care told this he was wondering and said he will check with CC.After two days the technician came with two helping boys. the technician is not profession and he was looking like a local electrician.He was struggling to fix the dish and get the signal.. pity he was trying to train the new two boys who came for the help. After a one hour struggle, he managed to get the SD signals, but the HD signals said "NO signal", so again he was going down and up on stairs and installing this dish for more than 1 hour.After this installation, he called his dealer and activated a pack. I was under impression that everything is ok.. and i am all set to enjoy my HD Services on my LG LED 32 inch.I was surfing the HD channels one by one.. and it was a real shock.1. SUN TV - Only Movies are coming in HD and other selected programs in weekend, rest of the time they show the SD content. It is not even upscale image. 2. K TV - It is real FAKE HD channel, Only logo shows KD TV, but all the 24 HRS they show the SD content. There is not even a single HD content.3. SUN MUSIC - Newer songs and VJ compering comes in HD, it is 80% HD channel, the old content are not upsacled. Advertisement and SD content comes in 4:3 letter box, which makes irritating and your image size keep re sizing between HD and SD content.4. Discovery HD - Full HD5. NGC - Full HD6. Star Movies - Full HD7. Zee Studio - Full HD8. Gemini HD - FAKE HD, they do not show any HD content, only the logo says Gemini HD., not even the Movies like SUN TV on weekends,So as a conclusion you are getting only 4 true HD channels, rest of them are partial HD or no HD at all.So it is very clear cheating of SUN DIRECT.I never recommend this connection to any one.================Coming to the spice jet offer :As it was more than two week i was wondering why still i did get the voucher. Called up the CC, they said, the pack activated by dealer does not eligible for the offer. If i need this offer i need to recharge for 1999 rs again.Bullshit.... dealer activated the wrong pack and i lost my offer. CC simply said contact the dealer.. that dealer as i said before.. he is a fool and he does not understand anything. talking to him is utter waste.Tatasky is best and i used it the SD connection for 4 years and HD for 1 year.
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gap g j

Nov 21, 2008
Thanks bro for helping us to keep away from sun


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Aug 1, 2013
Thanks bro! I was thinking of upgrading but I suspected some mischief. My suspicions became true after reading your experience. Thanks for spreading the word about these cheats....


Nov 30, 2011
To be blunt, its a waste going in for a HD service/pack that provides not more than 4-6 niche channels. There is hardly any difference in the SD/HD quality of most Indian movie/entertainment channels as the programs they beam are mostly SD or upscaled.
Unless you get Sports, english movies and infotainment channels like NGC, Disc, TravelXP, its not worth going for such HD packs, just yet.
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Nov 25, 2010
Respcted Sir / Madam,
Please inform me whether Indian DTH servicer providers really give us True HD Tamilnadu.


Feb 2, 2011
Yes all the providers give you a few true HD channels. I believe Videocon gives you the most. I have Zee DishTV myself and they provide about 6-8 true HD channels and maybe 10+ upscaled channels.