Wimax/3G/4G/CDMA router - Will this work ?


Nov 25, 2012
Hi All,
I am looking for a router that supports all these connection types Wimax/3G/4G/CDMA . I recently changed to Wi-Max, so i need a wi-fi router to enable internet connectivity to 5-6 devices in the house - laptops, pc and smartphones.

I also have a 3G usb stick (works with any sim/network, not bound to any particular telecom company) and a cdma (Tata Photon+ - Huawei EC156 model) from previous usage which i will like to keep handy in case 3g/cdma get cheaper/better in the future.

Also just to be future proof I will also like the router to be 4G compatible.

On searching, i've come across this router - TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router | Router | Flipkart.com

I have the following questions -

1)Will this work with all 4 connectivity types (Wi Max , 3g , 4g, cdma) ?

2)Is there a possibility of another technology/connectivity type getting common in the future that i should take care of now ( I would possibly like to go for only one time purchase of a router that is future proof for at least next 4-5 years)?

3)I am a complete newbie to Routers, so Is there anything better and cheaper than this ( signal strength, number of devices that can be connected or any additional features that i should care about - like i read somewhere we could connect hard disks etc though i'm not sure about the purpose ) for connecting at least 5-6 devices and usage inside about 150 yards area?

Please share your experience or knowledge on this.