help with heating pile of laptop plz


Oct 1, 2012
hello guys I have an old acer 4710z laptop, the battery is almost fried and if I keep it on with charger only, with windows it freezes in minutes. so i got linux mint in it and works for about an hour before gets hearted up and frozen and crashed.. I want to make it as a standby where i can d/l torrents and see them from this laptop. is there a way to do this? or should I just throw it out ?


Dec 14, 2010
acer laptops and heating go hand in hand (personal experience :D). you lappy needs cleaning. for the start use compressed air. it can do wonders and is cheap. i have a Sager laptop which ran very hot and gpu reached 100C in no time, opening backcover and using compressed air removed lots of dirt and gpu is back to normal(~50-60). try it first and if doesnt help, we can move to other things.btw i used ultraduster (do a google, pretty famous product)


Nov 5, 2011
I too have a similar heating problem with my 5 year old Acer Travelmate 5320. laptop is working very well but I could not get replacement battery (battery model no TM00751)from Acer/OEM battery makers in India .(this model is China/HK model). Iam hesitant to take a risk and buy from online merchants in US (around Rs 3000 ) and face compatabilty problem. I wanted across the table transaction where I can check and part with my money.! Right now removed the battery and working on mains direct (with out the battery).!!

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