Lenovo C-series AIOs


Oct 29, 2004
Lenovo intros IdeaCentre Q190 HTPC, new C-series all-in-ones for the space-saving set -- Engadget

The C240 and C245 are mostly built as secondary PCs with respective Intel Celeron and AMD E2 chips as well as fixed-position, 18.5-inch screens; it gets more intriguing with the adjustable, 20-inch C340 and C345 variants as well as the Core i3 internals of the similarly styled 21.5-inch C440 and C445. A flagship C540 rules the roost with a 23-inch screen and Intel-only processor selections that peak at a Core i3.

https://imgur.com/CCcxH https://imgur.com/3u9I9 https://imgur.com/aqYRT https://imgur.com/0v0Ur https://imgur.com/BD9Ak https://imgur.com/IKjRk https://imgur.com/BQJ2C https://imgur.com/7Gl73