Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 HTPC


Oct 29, 2004
Lenovo intros IdeaCentre Q190 HTPC, new C-series all-in-ones for the space-saving set -- Engadget

The highlight of the refresh for many could be the IdeaCentre Q190. It's leaving the Q180's Atom-based nettop roots behind -- while the home theater PC is still skinny at 0.89 inches thick when excluding a Blu-ray or DVD add-on, leaps to both a maximum Core i3 processor and an 8GB RAM ceiling give the Q190 enough grunt to smoothly handle more than just the basics this time around. Mini PC enthusiasts who wait patiently for a January release can buy in starting at $349.

https://imgur.com/XzJi1 https://imgur.com/jV4QT https://imgur.com/o1HyY
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